From the E.R. to Hollywood: Former Surgeon Now Professional Celebrity Photographer & Noted Industry Publicist Documents Icons of Rock and Roll History

Now retired from medicine to pursue his passions of movie making and photography, Mark Valinsky, a nationally- and internationally-known surgeon has been reincarnated -- applying his exacting surgical skills, he has now unleashed his artistic creativity and passion into the world of professional photography. Dr. Valinsky has vividly captured the life force exuded by these legendary performers, such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and more, and his skills indicate the photographer might well become a legend himself.

Beneath the doctor’s exterior beats the heart of an artist!  Having honed his skills for thirty years with numerous forays into medical photography, Mark has followed his own passion in conveying the passions of some great entertainers.

Twenty out of over 200 images of Dr. Valinsky’s rare, live concert, vintage photographs of Classic Rock and Roll bands, from the mid 1970’s, are currently on display at The Venice Beach House, Venice, CA.

Valinsky’s photography captures the raw emotion and zest for life and the art of these iconic performers exuded while live on stage.

He presents them both realistically and surrealistically by his discerning surgeon's eye, states CC Perkinson, Producer of     

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